About This Project

Ambition Theory is a leadership coaching and diversity consulting company. They are on a mission to close the gender gap in the workplace and get more women into leadership positions.

They work with companies all over Canada primarily in male-dominated industries like construction, engineering, aerospace and defence.

Andrea, the founder of Ambition Theory, is a very positive and motivating person who is passionate about helping women succeed. She approached me to update her brand when she realized her existing brand identity lacked the vibrancy and energy that she puts into the work that she does.

I used bold typography and warm colours in the primary logo to show the energy and passion behind her brand. The final deliverables included a logo, brand guide, social media post templates, Google proposal template and a website design.

If you are looking for a brand identity that represents your values and mission like this one, please get in touch by sending me an email.


Andrea Janzen, Ambition Theory

Art Direction

Tara Joy Andrews

Logo Design