Union Jack Postage Stamp Design

Union Jack Postage Stamp Design

About this project

This Union Jack postage stamp design is another fun illustration and design project for Positively Postal. Positively Postal is an online store in the UK that sells postage stamps and cinderella or artistamps. Artistamps are designed to look like stamps but do not have legal tender and cannot be used to send mail but mail art enthusiasts and stamp collectors enjoy buying and using them on their correspondance.

I wanted to do a fun and light-hearted design of the Union Jack for 2019. I chose some iconic symbols of Bristish culture which all were bright red to be the focus point on the stamps and then used the same background design on them. They will soon be available in the eBay store for sale.

If you would like to get illustrations or designs done like these, send me an email. I love creating vector art illustrations.

Feb 2019
Positively Postal