Mandala for Nova Scotia

Mandala for Nova Scotia

About the project

When COVID first broke in the news and then Canada’s largest mass shooting happened in Nova Scotia, we all felt a little lost, afraid, stressed and full of anxiety. Mandalas for Nova Scotia @mandalas4ns is an Instagram-based community art project with @nsarttherapy and @centreavalon. They are encouraging everyone to create mandalas in any medium and in any format to help the healing process and share them on their Instagram feed. ⠀

When I first saw this call for everyone to create in April of 2020, I immediately started getting ideas on how to make it Nova Scotian. I had an immense creative block at the time. It felt like being creative wasn’t as important and my attention and focus should be on other things.

However, I took on the challenge to design a mandala with an east coast theme. It was so amazing to get lost in the creative process and forget about everything happening around me. It helped me get my creative energy back at a very difficult time.


Creative Conflab podcast episode

I chatted with Katie Hanczaryk about art therapy, about the Mandala project and about how creative people were feeling at the time. It was a great episode to remember the joy of creativity, getting lost in the creative process and also taught me a lot about how my brain and creativity work together.