Ambition Theory

Ambition Theory

Jan 2020
Ambition Theory, Andrea Janzen

About the project

Andrea Janzen came to me for a complete rebrand of her company Ambition Theory. She had done the majority of the brand design herself but felt it needed a professional overhaul to take her business to the next level.

She runs a consulting firm specializing in diversity coaching and leadership development. She aims to get more women in leadership roles through her coaching programs.

This project included several deliverables including:

  • Logo design
  • Alternate logo version and social media badges
  • Complete brand guidelines
  • Podcast artwork and assets for the website
  • Website design including podcast pages and mobile first design approach
  • Landing pages and squeeze pages linked to MailChimp
  • Website build and implementation using the WordPress Divi Theme
  • Business card design
  • Proposal template in Word
  • Social media post templates
  • Offer campaign posts for her coaching programs for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
ambition theory brand identity
ambition theory brand identity
ambition theory brand identity

The Ambition Theory mantra

Everybody’s ambition is different, and this should be celebrated. When you’re fuelling your ambition, you’re feeling fulfilled, you’re productive, you’re contributing and you’re being a role model for others. This can happen at work, in your community and with your family. We believe in curiosity. We believe in asking questions.

We believe that when you open a door for yourself you should hold it open for others. We believe in a workplace where everyone has the opportunity to fuel their ambition, contribute to the organization and have a fulfilling career.

ambition theory brand identity

Coaching program LinkedIn graphic

ambition theory brand identity

Business card design

ambition theory brand identity

Coaching program Instagram graphic

Coaching program social media campaign visuals

Strong brands are consistent with their messaging on all marketing channels and whereever you communicate with potential customers. As part of The Ambition Theory re-brand, we created some campaign visuals for the coaching programs that Andrea provides.

These visuals can be used to advertise her coaching programs across all social media channels to reach as many people as possible while always keeping a consistent professional tone for her target audience.

ambition theory brand identity

The Ambition Theory podcast

The Ambition Theory podcast needed an updated brand to align with the new logo and brand identity. I created new cover art for the podcast and a new web page design to highlight the show.

Brand Guidelines

Even if you run a small business, brand guidelines can help ensure all the hard work that you put into building and designing your new brand identity is followed by anyone that produces content for you. Social media marketers, graphic designers, software developers, and marketing and sales teams use it to created print and digital assets that stay true to your brand’s mission and values. It ensures that all communications are consistent everywhere. 

This guidelines document includes rules and best practices about how to use your logo, details about primary and secondary logo options and when to use them, and recommendations on using your logo with photography. The guidelines are include details about symbol and badge icons that reinforce the brand and can be used with overlays or watermarks, and detailed colour specifications in RGB, CMYK, and HEX about your brand colours. The brand guidelines also outlines your typography system of logo fonts, complimentary brand fonts that work well with your logo and the typography hierarchy for use in print and on the web. Some companies call this section a style guide.

Additional items might also include additional brand assets, iconography, patterns, gradients, and highlight social media examples, business stationery, and any templates that were created. 

ambition theory brand identity

Alternate logo badges

These badges can be used for social media profiles, on top of photos and when someone is already familiar with your brand. The left badge was used on the podcast cover artwork.

ambition theory brand identity
ambition theory brand identity
ambition theory brand identity
ambition theory brand identity

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