Branding, Brand identity, or a logo, what do I need?

Branding, Brand identity, or a logo, what do I need?


There are many different ways that people refer to a brand and creating a brand including brand development, branding, brand identity, brand systems, brand strategy and so on. These terms don’t always describe the same thing and there are only certain parts of your brand that can be designed. 

Confused yet? Keep reading I will sort it out for you. 

What is a brand?

The reality is no one actually creates or designs an entire brand. We design and strategically communicate parts of it but the essence and the soul of your brand are what people think and feel about your brand. Brands have to evolve over time and sometimes have to adjust and update their mission and values to realign with their ideal audience.

I’m about to say something terrifying. Are you ready for it? You can’t control how people react and perceive your brand. And different people will think differently about it. 

I cannot design your entire brand, your audience defines how they perceive it and reflect back to you the message they hear and see. I can design the brand elements that people see, read, touch and interact with that identify your company and communicate your mission, values, and message.

What is a brand identity?

A brand identity is a defined brand system of colour palettes, typography, tone and types of imagery used and the brand’s logo that identifies who you are, where a message is coming from and how to take action to interact with you or buy your services and products.

A brand identity is bigger than a logo design. It helps ensure every time you connect with people, they can identity the message is from your brand and about how your brand can help them. 

Think about your favourite coffee chain and when you get an email from them. Without even seeing their logo, you know the communication is from them because of the typeface, the brand colours, the type of photography. The bigger chains don’t even have to include their logo to know their brand. If I said white cup with a green logo you probably already know I am talking about Starbucks.

What is a logo?

A logo is part of your brand identity that helps people identify who you are and what you care about. Unfortunately, we all judge books by their covers and within a few seconds, people make assumptions about you and your brand based on your logo design and the message that your logo is telling them. 

Working with an experienced designer to ensure your brand is telling the right story for your company puts you on the right path to attract your ideal customers who already align with what you are about and what your mission is.

What does it all mean?

I like the analogy of an iceberg. Your logo is part of your brand but it is just the tip of the iceberg. Your brand identity is the part of the iceberg that you can see above the waterline. And your brand is the entire iceberg including what is hidden below the waterline that you cannot see or control.

How can I help?

Although I can’t control or design your entire brand, I can ensure your brand identity aligns with your mission and values as a company. I help define who you are and what your brand identity looks like including your logo, your brand colours, typography, business stationery, social media profiles, website and digital and print collateral.

Identity designers help ensure that your brand identity is memorable, professional, attractive to your ideal customers and communicates a consistent look and feel.

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