Research & Inspiration

Research is the first step in any design project. I like to know the people and products behind the designs I am working on as well as the objectives of each project. This usually involves interviewing the people who need designs completed and researching similar companies.


Then I complete some brainstorming sessions of writing down ideas, doodling shapes and thumbnail ideas, and mind mapping words that relate to the project. I create mood boards that illustrate the tone, emotion and aesthetic that I intend to incorporate into my design. Sometimes they also include typography samples, colour swatches, and lifestyle photography.


This mood board was created for my Quick Rabbit logo and focused on the silhouette of a running hare. I wanted to create a geometric logo with movement to illustrate speed.


Amazing things happen when you out pencil to paper. I take ideas and concepts from my initial inspiration and sketch them. If it is a logo I sketch out possible imagery related with the company and product. If it is a print piece, I sketch out thumbnails of the print layout and how I may envision it looking. When I get stuck, I look at more inspiration and keep doodling until I feel I have a strong concept and idea to develop further.


Next is usually the longest step in the process and where the bulk of the work happens which also means it is one of the funnest because you see your ideas come to life. This is where I open up the laptop and start further finalizing ideas and getting feedback from teammates to help improve the design. Often developing several concepts for clients to chose from with different typography or imagery.

Present Prototypes

Before finalizing anything, I like to take a step back and look at everything from beginning to end to ensure that the design meets the client’s expectations and fits with the creative brief and objectives defined at the beginning of the project.


This is also when several possible designs are presented and refined to one final to polish for the final chosen design. Each design decision is explained to ensure that the resulting design represents the company and meets the requirements.

Final Design

Once complete, the final product is presented and delivered to the client.

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.