My logo design process

My logo design process


When I start new logo projects the first question is usually “How does this work?”. Each logo is unique, but the process I use is the same for each identity I create. It’s a proven design process used by professional designers all over the world to design a logo and brand.



Let’s Begin

First, I want to congratulate you on taking the leap to start or grow your business! You decided to start this adventure and take on the challenges of entrepreneurship for your own reasons and those reasons make your business one-of-a-kind.

Life’s too short to have a boring logo and blah branding.

I design logos that represent the personality and character of the individuals behind their brands. Each individual is different and deserves a logo that accurately represents the values and mission of the people behind each company. Your logo and brand should speak for you and represent what you stand for.

There are five project phases in my proven process to create your one-of-a-kind brand.

Initial Meeting

It all starts with a conversation about what your business is about, why you started it and what you want people to think when they see your logo, products and marketing materials.

This initial meeting is when I ask a lot of questions to develop a detailed creative brief. A creative brief summarizes this information to ensure that the work I design matches your company’s voice and mission.

Research and Mood boarding

The next step is when I do research on other people’s brands in the same field as yours, how do they position themselves and what do their brands look like? What do you have to offer that differentiates you and how can we use that in your brand?

From this research I develop a mood board to show some sample colours, some imagery that I feel represents your brand.

Sketches and Rough Logos

After the mood boards have been created, I can start sketching out ideas and developing some concepts.

I create three distinct concepts to represent the brand in three different ways. Once complete, we meet again to discuss the logos, which one is preferred and what changes might be needed to finalize the design.

Final Logos

After the final logo is narrowed down, I complete any remaining edits needed and again present the final logo for approval.

Once approved, I create various versions for print and web. Additional designs included in the project also begin at this stage such as business card designs.

Brand Guidelines

An optional service I offer is to combine the research I completed and final logo design into a brand guide.

A brand guide helps ensure all your marketing and advertising has the same look, feel and uses the same brand typography and colours. This ensures that when a customer sees your marketing they know it is from you.

Tara Joy Andrews

ILLUSTRATOR / Graphic Designer

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