Hi, I’m Tara

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

I’m a Halifax Graphic Designer and illustrator that loves working with small and medium-sized businesses.

Brand Identity Systems & Logo design

I help you build trust faster with professionally designed brand identity systems that go beyond a logo. Consistency in messaging and visuals is the quickest way to become a reliable and dependable brand.

Web design & builds

I help build web page designs with purpose. I help determine what your page’s purpose is, who is visiting it, and what they need to do next. This determines the best design and enjoyable customer journey to get to the information, product or services that you offer.

Books, magazines & publications

I also love print! I design beautiful and thoughtful books, magazines and publicaitons including details specific to your content and audience for print pieces that people want to keep in their home libraries for years.


I’m Tara

Graphic designer and illustrator

Hi, I am a Halifax Graphic Designer that loves working with small and medium-sized businesses to help solve your problems with great design.

If there is a design project you need help with, let’s connect.

A Facebook Live interview with UMIUS

In this video, I chat with Feroze and Harris from UMIUS about the importance of design to build trust and how your brand can speak for you when you are not even in the room.

I also quickly cover my design process, some reasons why design is expensive and talk about some misconceptions about design.

Click the video to start watching now. Thanks for having me on your live show.


Brand Identity design

Starting a new business venture or getting serious about an existing company? Having a brand identity system that represents you and your company helps attract more of your target audience. I can help align your mission with a brand identity system.

Print Design

Need new business cards, rack cards, flyers, posters, packaging or starting a new magazine? I want to help make your print materials impossible to ignore.

Digital Media & Web Design

Need a new website, web page, social media campaign images, or illustrations? I’ll help make your online presence¬†shine.


Pet Portrait Tara Joy Andrews

Need illustrations for a marketing project, your brand or a custom pet portrait?

My work

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